Building a Strong Cybersecurity Posture: Strategies and Best Practices

July 1, 2024

Cyber Protection

Type of Cyberattacks

Human civilization constantly has attacks in some forms. However, this has evolved and become digital/Cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can be categorised in many forms. Mainly we define it as the CIA and each organisation taking necessary precautions to prevent:

Confidentiality - Each organisation has its confidential data, which is protected by access controls. The attacker, on the other hand, tries accessing the data. The Security team works around the possibility and blocks unauthorized access from external parties.

Integrity - Integrity involves making sure the data is accurate and reliable. Attackers try to access the data and make changes in the data, which will affect the organisation's/individual's reputation.

Availability - Data and systems are available for users to access when it is required to access. The attacker tries to restrict users from accessing the system or data. Additionally, natural or man-made disasters also restrict users from accessing the data and system. To avoid this, organisations keep redundant data and systems for users to access when necessary.

Zero Trust

Traditional security relies on a trusted internal network, but Zero Trust takes a different approach. It assumes any request could be a threat, even from within the company, and verifies every single one. No matter who's asking or what they want to access, Zero Trust says "Never trust, always verify." This means checking every request thoroughly (including who's making it and their device) before granting access. Additionally, data is kept secure with encryption, and access....

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