CVE-2024-6387 Vulnerability Checker

July 11, 2024


This Python script is designed to check SSH servers for the CVE-2024-6387 vulnerability, specifically targeting the recently discovered regreSSHion, which is associated with specific versions of OpenSSH. The tool supports multiple IP addresses, URLs, CIDR ranges, and ports, and can also read addresses from a file. The results are displayed in a categorized and color-coded manner for better readability.


  • Customizable:
    Specify multiple IP addresses, URLs, CIDR ranges, and ports.
  • File Input Support:
    Read addresses and ranges from a file.
  • Color-Coded Output:
    Easily distinguish between vulnerable, safe, unknown, and error results.
  • Network Range Handling:
    Automatically expands CIDR ranges into individual IP addresses.


  • SAFE:
    Non-vulnerable servers.
    Servers running a vulnerable version of OpenSSH.
    Servers with an unknown SSH version.
  • ERROR:
    Servers that could not be accessed or resolved.

Command Line

To run the script with multiple IPs, URLs, or CIDR ranges directly from the command line:

python3 <addresses> -p <ports> -t <timeout> 
  • addresses
    IP addresses, URLs, or CIDR ranges to check (space-separated).
  • p, --ports
    Comma-separated list of port numbers for SSH (default: 22).
  • -t,....

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Filipi Pires
20 hours ago

For those of you that dont know where to get the checker, you can clone it here.

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