Course Curriculum

(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
(W01M01) Base Knowledge - Free access FREE 00:00:00
This is a brief article with the goal of introducing the reader to the awesome world of Kali Linux. This is not an exhaustive introduction to this Operating System (OS), but its purpose is just to give an idea of the many possibilities provided by this Linux OS which is born as Pen Testing distro but can be used in several others ways.
(W01M02) Building Blocks of Penetration Test - Free Access FREE 00:00:00
(W01M03) Hack the Face Value 00:00:00
(W01M04) Master Your Scanning Skills 00:00:00
(W01M05) Hack in the Web Box 00:00:00
(W01M06) Buffer Overflow Exploits and Overview 00:00:00
(W01M07) Vulnerability Discovery & Research 00:00:00
(W01M08) Mastering in Metasploit Frameword (360 Degree) 00:00:00
(W01M09) Hack the Box Basic Challenge 00:00:00
(W01M10) Hack the Box Intermediate Challenge 00:00:00
(W01M11) Hack the Box Expert Challenge 00:00:00
(W01M12) Write penetration-testing report 00:00:00
(W1M13) CEH Workshop eBook 00:00:00
(W1) CEH Course Quiz 00:40:00
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