Course Curriculum

(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
(W29M00) Pre-course materials 00:00:00
Module 1: Introduction to SQL, Data stores, Data Store Injection and SQL Injection
(W29M01) Introduction to SQL and Data Stores 00:00:00
(W29M02) Introduction to Injection Attacks 00:00:00
(W29M03) Database Fingerprinting 00:00:00
(W29M04) Module 1 Presentation Videos 00:00:00
(W29M01A01) Exercises 30, 00:00
Module 2: Advanced SQL Injection
(W29M05) Extracting Data 00:00:00
(W29M06) Bypassing filters 00:00:00
(W29M07) Second-Order SQL Injection 00:00:00
(W29M08) Advancing the SQL Injection 00:00:00
(W29M09) Blind SQL Injection 00:00:00
(W29M10) Blind SQL Injection Using Time Delays 00:00:00
(W29M11) From SQL Injection to File System Access 00:00:00
(W29M12) References 00:00:00
(W29M02A01) Module 2 Exercises 30, 00:00
Module 3: Injecting into XPath, LDAP and NoSQL
(W29M13) SQL Injection Encoding and Evasion Techniques 00:00:00
(W29M14) Automating SQL Injection 00:00:00
(W29M15) XPath Injection 00:00:00
(W29M16) LDAP Injection 00:00:00
(W29M17) References and Support Material 00:00:00
(W29M03A01) Module 3 Exercises 30, 00:00
Module 4: Data Store web application security measures
(W29M18) NoSQL Injection 00:00:00
(W29M19) Securing your DataStore (Input Validation, Output Encoding, Parameterized Queries) 00:00:00
(W29M20) Securing your DataStore (Least Privileges, Canonicalization, Handling Sensitive Data) 00:00:00
(W29M21) Securing LDAP, XPath and NoSQL 00:00:00
(W29M22) Conclusion 00:00:00
(W29M23) Resources and Reading Material 00:00:00
(W29M24) Workshop eBook 00:00:00
(Q29) Advanced SQL Injection and Data Store Attacks Final Exam 00:30:00
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