Course Curriculum

Before the course
(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
Module 1
(W61M01) Advanced host discovery 00:00:00
(W61M02) Footprinting the target machines, web servers, and services 00:00:00
(W61M03) Footprinting firewalls 00:00:00
(W61M04) Footprinting DNS 00:00:00
(W61M05) Footprinting on companies, persons, emails & Google dorking 00:00:00
(W61M06) Checklists 00:00:00
(W61A01) Module 1 LabUNLIMITED
Module 2
(W61M07) Port scanning techniques 00:00:00
(W61M08) OS detection techniques 00:00:00
(W61M09) Advanced scanning with scripts 00:00:00
(W61M10) Detecting services and versions effectively 00:00:00
(W61M00) Firewall, IDS, and IPS Evasion 00:00:00
(W61M11) Checklists 00:00:00
(W61A02) Module 2 LabUNLIMITED
Module 3
(W61M12) DNS and subdomain enumeration 00:00:00
(W61M13) HTTP and HTTPs Enumeration 00:00:00
(W61M14) FTP, SMB, and NFS enumeration techniques 00:00:00
(W61M15) Detailed SMB analysis 00:00:00
(W61M16) SNMP, SMTP, and SSH enumeration 00:00:00
(W61M00) Subdomain enumeration with Sublist3r 00:00:00
(W61M00) Web crawling and directory listing with DirBuster and Dirb 00:00:00
(W61M00) Enumeration with gobuster 00:00:00
(W61M00) Web app analysis with Burp 00:00:00
(W61M00) Forced browsing 00:00:00
(W61M00) Vulnerability scanning with ZAP 00:00:00
(W61M00) WordPress Enumeration 00:00:00
(W61M17) Checklists 00:00:00
(W61A03) Module 3 LabUNLIMITED
Module 4
(W61M18) Recon-ng Automation 00:00:00
(W61M19) Autorecon 00:00:00
(W61M20) Spiderfoot automation 00:00:00
(W61M21) Legion and Dmitry 00:00:00
(W61M00) Automating multi-threaded commands with Interlace 00:00:00
(W61M22) Checklists 00:00:00
(W61A04) Module 4 LabsUNLIMITED
Final exam
(W61Q01) Final Quiz 00:20:00
Course complete!
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