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The courses below were all published in 2015 or earlier. While we stand by pubishing them then, we’ve grown so much since. We recognize that these workshops don’t exactly meet our standards, as we understand them today. 

All classes are available within our premium membership, and have adjusted CPE awards to reflect their respective contents. If you join, please keep in mind that some of the information inside might be outdated or not relevant. We’ll be adding notes at the beginning of each course to let you know what’s worth checking out in each! 

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Certificate of completion, 9 CPE credits

Course is self-paced

Course format

  • The course is self-paced – you can visit the training whenever you want and your content will be there.
  • Once you’re in, you keep access forever, even when you finish the course. 
  • There are no deadlines, except for the ones you set for yourself. 
  • Your time will be filled with reading and exercises. 

Module 1 (introduction):

  • Why python?
  • Introduction about python programming language.
  • Learning the strengths of the language and what’s good with python.
  • Learning where to use Python and why.
  • Python as an interpreted language
  • How to choose correct interpreter, install it, run it.
  • Python virtual environments.
  • Text editor (kate, gedit, brackets).
  • How to create Hello world, from interpreter and with .py script.
  • Standards and batteries included
  • Standards and PEP8.
  • Batteries included (just to show the most useful python core libraries and link to the official
  • documentation).

Competences gained after module 1:

  • understanding python and how to install it
  • understanding python virtual environments
  • using the interpreter and running a python script
  • advanced text editors for coding

Module 2 (python basics):

  • Python data types and flow control statements
  • Ifs, fors, whiles
  • Lists (slices), dictionaries (loop over items), sets
  • Python internals
  • Classes and object instances
  • Everything is an object (docs strings, getters, setters, override)
  • Exceptions handling
  • Practical example
  • Use twitter’s API to get some data and show it in the console

Competences gained after module 2:

  • understanding basic python data types
  • knowing what classes are and how to use them
  • understanding exceptions and know how to handle them
  • knowing how to get data from a publicly accessible API

Module 3 (files)

  • Files
  • Duck typing.
  • Opening and reading from files.
  • Csv files and csvreader.
  • Practical exercise
  • Read file with a sentence per line.
  • Manipulate and gather metrics on each sentence.
  • Output a file with metrics on each sentence.

Competences gained after module 3:

  • understanding the concept of duck typing
  • understanding how files work
  • understanding the csv python module to read/write csv files

Module 4 (project):

  • Practical project
  • Get data from external source (
  • Manipulate data to suit our needs.
  • Plot a graph to show the data in a graphical and understandable way.

Competences gained after module 4

  • understanding how to hit API’s to get information
  • understanding how data should be structure to feed plot module
  • using python plotting library to be able to show our data

Bonus: Workshop eBook



Pedro Araujo was graduated from Computer Science of Universidade do Minho, after this, he had pursued his masters degree in Informatics course choosing Parallel and Distributed Computing and Formal Methods. Pedro Araujo has diverse professional experiences as he first worked at Eurotux, S.A. where he developed web sites using Plone and Zope in addition to some system administration functions like developing plugins for rails and several Android development performed on a personal base. Then, he moved to WeDo Technologies, a company that focuses in Revenue Assurance. There, he mainly worked on Java developments, Solaris and Linux servers. Presently, he is working in Network Locum, a promising startup and two additional projects, Novaweb and Atttentive. All in all, he is a complete supporter of Open Source and his most preferred programming language is  Python.

Rui Silva is a computer Scientist from Portugal.

My name is Rui Silva and I'm a python developer who loves open source. I started working as a freelancer in 2008, while I finished my graduation in Computer Science in Universidade do Minho. After my graduation, I started pursuing a master's degree, choosing the field of parallel computation and mobile and ubiquitous computing. I ended up only finishing the mobile and ubiquitous computing course. In my 3 years of freelancing, i worked mostly with python, developing django websites, drupal websites and some magento stores. I also had to do some system administration. After that, I started working in Eurotux Informática, S.A. where I develop websites using Plone, django and drupal. I'm also an IOS developer and sometimes I perform some system administration tasks. Besides my job, I work as a freelancer using mainly django and other python frameworks.



If you have any questions, please contact our eLearning Manager at [email protected].


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  1. hacking with python


    very good course hard test and well worth the money 4 assignments
    just passed exam with 18/20

  2. Hack With Python


    Great course covering the basics of several elements that are available in Python. The course is short, but well put together in reference to the content chosen to present. The only suggestion I have is to make the course slightly longer and possibly add in the ability to manipulate Google using various Python APIs. We all know that “Professor Google” is a valuable resource to any hacker. The more in-depth knowledge we have of this resource the better! Thanks!!

  3. I think this course great


    I think this course great

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