Course Curriculum

Before the course
(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
(W45M00) Course Introduction FREE 00:00:00
Module 1: Planning and Deploying
(W45M01) Determining Security Requirements 00:00:00
(W45M02) BIOS Security 00:00:00
(W45M03) Defining a Partition Setup 00:00:00
(W45M04) Partition Setup - Demonstration 00:00:00
(W45M05) Updates, Patches, and SELinux 00:00:00
(W45A01) Setting up Kali Linux 30, 00:00
Module 2: Configuring System Security
(W45M07) GRUB Hardening 00:00:00
(W45M08) Deploying Disk Encryption 00:00:00
(W45M09) Encryption Demonstration 00:00:00
(W45M10) Passwords and Users - Demonstration 00:00:00
(W45A02) LUKS 30, 00:00
(W45A03) Password Policy 30, 00:00
Module 3
(W45M13) Working with Run-Time Services 00:00:00
(W45M14) Configuring Network Services 00:00:00
(W45M15) Demo: Services 00:00:00
(W45M16) Demo - run-time services 00:00:00
(W45A05) Exercise: Disabling Services 30, 00:00
Module 4
(W45M19) SSH 00:00:00
(W45M20) SMB/SAMBA 00:00:00
(W45M21) Syslog Operation 00:00:00
(W45M22) FTP and HTTP Configuration 00:00:00
(W45A06) Hardening OpenSSH 30, 00:00
Module 5
(W45M24) Determining Firewall Configuration 00:00:00
(W45M25) Configuring the firewall - demo 00:00:00
(W45A07) Exercise: configuring the firewall 30, 00:00
Final exam
(W45Q01) Final exam 00:10:00
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