Concise Courses - SCADA in Miami


Concise Courses is an information security training organization in the United States offering various categories of IT Security Certifications. Of particular interest are their SCADA training courses which are aimed at enhancing the security of SCADA and ICS systems. (SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and ICS: Industrial Control System). Their SCADA course in Miami, June 22nd - 23rd, is a two day training session with the following title: "How To Secure Your Industrial Automation Control Systems." This course is topical and in-demand since we are clearly seeing hackers (both at a script-kiddie and more professional/ state-sponsored level) attempting to break into utilities and other critical infrastructures around the world. In this age whereby all militaries around the world acknowledge that cyber warfare is a very real (current) medium of war - protecting SCADA and ICS has never been greater. There are many examples of how SCADA systems have been....

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