Complete Guide on Installation of MongoDB in Amazon Linux by Tejaswini UL

Jun 28, 2018

In this blog, will have a brief on steps for installing MongoDB in Amazon Linux. You can get up to speed with MongoDB if you are new or rusty! To begin with, consider you have an EC2 instance running and you have root access to this EC2 instance, then you can install MongoDB with authentication on EC2 AMI Linux.

MongoDB: An open source NoSQL DB that utilizes an document-based data model. MongoDB architecture is built on documents and collections, whereas MySQL stores data in tables and rows and MongoDB uses JSON schemas.

Key features of MongoDB:

  • High performance

  • Aggregation Framework

  • Rich query language

  • MongoDB Sharding

  • Highly available

  • Horizontal scalability

  • MongoDB is Schema – Less

  • Supports geospatial indexes

  • Support for multiple pluggable storage engines

Supported MongodB Packages:

Here are the MongoDB packages that are supported....

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