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Web world often feel difficulty to differentiate hacker and spy, even though there is a huge difference between the two terminologies. We all know that the famous character of James Bond who monitors the activities and understand the circumstances in their enemy lines and get secret information and send back to its headquarters in order to protect their country. So, spy is something like James Bond, spy software which keeps save their targeted device and gets access to the un appropriate content or data on the device. There basic motto is to protect the user of target device. While hackers do opposite to the spy software. While on the other hand hackers do stunts like they send virus on user computer and user installed the virus accidently, hackers finally get access to everything available on your device like, your private data, passwords, important documents and details of your bank accounts and many more. Hackers mostly do their attacks to those they know, and attack on computers which are full of confidential information, data, bank accounts detail and the platform of online money. While spy apps or software usually used by the parents in order to keep their kids safe and monitor their unhealthy activities either in real life or in the digital world or software use by the employers who want to make a check on their employees especially in working hours and track their location through GPS system. Hackers do cyber- attacks which are totally illegal in current world, in most of the western countries it is one of the biggest crimes. Hackers victimize the devices in order to get their false means like hijacking of Identities of the users and are also involved in terrorist activities and they also robe the money after hacking the personal devices of their victims. However, spying software is only made for the protection of mankind. Parents and owner of the companies usually use these spy software. Parents use these for the protection of their kids, employers use software to protect the equipment the company had owned and to make check of their employees work and activities and usually some couples use this software to make their relationship stronger and trust worthy. Hackers are very dangerous for the security of any country, because they do illegal activities and get information from anyone’s device which could be helpful for them to steel the money through credit card information or if they got secret information through government computer they can sell the information to enemy state and get paid ultimately there could be serious consequences. But as far as the spy software is concerned, these are legal things because software use for the protection.

The fundamental difference between hacker and the spy:


  1. Hackers can capture data of a device and use it for theft and it breaks secrecy of a country and undermines national security.

  2. Hackers do attacks through virus like in the shape of a any link

  3. Hackers can attack anyone on computer having internet access

  4. Hackers always have false intentions regarding their known target.

  5. Hacking is strictly illegal process

Spy Software:

  1. It ensure the security of targeted device

  2. It can get access to the device and can monitor every single performed by the user on its device.

  3. Spy software has no dangers like virus.

  4. Spy software always has friendly intentions about their target and it is only keep its target safe.

  5. Spy software is legal in most of the countries


Infographic source: TheOneSpy

February 13, 2017


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