Botnets, Malware, Spyware – Hakin9 11/2010

December 1, 2010

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Botnets, Malware, Spyware - Hakin9 11/2010

Botnets, Malware, Spyware – Hakin9 11/2010

  • The Spyware Within You
    Rajat Khare
    Yes, today’s spyware though resides in your computer or mobile but it’s pretty much inside you. Whatever we do, wherever we go it’s stored in a computer or an embedded device like mobile phone.
  • The Ear of Sauron
    John Aycock
    In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron wiles away the time peering out over Middle Earth with the Eye – lacking Internet access, Sauron couldn’t occupy himself flaming hobbits online.Sauron’s Eye has been realized, in a small way, by the webcams perched atop our monitors and embedded into our laptops and mobile devices.
  • dasbot: controlling IRC via bash
    Israel Torres
    dasbot is an intuitive bash file driven IRC bot. It was created on a Mac and runs in a progressive environment where it can be updated with ease at a moments notice. It doesn’t require a compiler, sudo permissions or static path. You can run it until you decide to restart your uptime.
  • Knowing VoIP Part II – Getting deeper to the settings
    Winston Santos
    In the last chapter we talked about what is VoIP, its advantages and disadvantages etc. But this time I will take you to the inside of the process when people place/receive a call. I will take the opportunity to explain what is required to properly configure a device to work + some tips to help people in taking the best of the service.
  • TDSS botnet – full disclosure. Part II
    Andrey Rassokhin and Dmitry Oleksyuk
    After breaking into the world’s biggest botnet, which was covered in the previous issue of Hakin9, we performed thorough analysis of the botnet’s undercover logic. In this final article of the series the following details are revealed: The C&C server general configuration; Bots accounting system; Distribution partners accounting system; The C&C protocol layout: bot requests and commands; Available control commands and payload modules; Detailed botnet statistics by countries, distribution partners, operating systems and bot versions.
  • Search Engine Security and Privacy – Part 2
    Rebecca Wynnem>
    It is always surprising to see how much information is available to anyone with an Internet connection and little tenacity. Since Part 1 was published in the July 2010 Hakin9 magazine, there have been huge changes within the search engine world. I will name a few key changes here.
  • Flexcrypt Review
  • A Brief Analysis of the Cyber Security Threat
    Julian Evans
  • Cyber State-Bullying
    Matthew Jonkman
    We know offensive cyber tools can be effective, and we’re all unprepared, and all building the capabilities to attack and defend. Will we actually go through with a full-scale conflict, or will we just use these to intimidate each other and expand defense budgets?


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