Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Review and License Give Away!


Take one of the best anti-virus products out there and integrate a ton of client and online security add-ins and what do you have? Bitdefender Total Security 2013!

Again this year, Bitdefender has provided Cyberarms a review copy of its latest Total Security product for us to put through the ringer, and again it did not disappoint.

Okay, I am not going to spend a lot of time covering the antivirus engine this year. We covered the 2012 version and it received top marks. Even PC Mag gave Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus 2013 its Editor’s Choice Award. This year I want to spend more time covering some of the new and updated features.

I will say though that the 2013 release seems just as robust against malware and phishing attempts, and better in some circumstances. In testing, 2013 correctly detected some compressed exploit files from a security conference that were in a huge zipped compilation. The drive was scanned with 2012 and the files were not detected.

Actually, Bitdefender anti-virus is the bane of my security research existence. :)

Let me explain.

I use Bitdefender on a couple dual purpose machines that are also used for security research.

I have to uninstall (not turn off!) Bitdefender from these machines when I play with Backtrack 5 and the Metasploit Framework. No matter how many times I encode or pack a malicious payload with Metasploit, Bitdefender catches and blocks it. And this is with Backtrack running in a virtual machine. Even with active scanning and the firewall service turned off, it still identifies and quarantines the payload. I have to completely uninstall Bitdefender from the machines to be able to perform Metasploit mayhem with them.

My only qualm about the anti-virus is that it seems to take a very long time to perform a full scan. But I usually set the scan engine to aggressive and scan every file.

The Anti-Virus engine is excellent, let’s move on.

Dan Dieterle

July 30, 2012
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