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It feels like you can get a free email address just about anywhere lately. From the industry giants to your ISP and cable provider - everyone wants to get you using their solution. Finding the right platform for you can be a bit tricky, so we put together a list of the most popular free email accounts and what makes them worthy of your attention.

4 Top Free Email Providers to Check Out in 2022

There's a lot to keep an eye on when picking a new email service. How do they deal with spam? Can you organize your emails? Can you use plugins and add-ons? We'll try to answer each of these questions and more.

Microsoft Outlook: Tried and True

The giant from Redmond offers a free email service that has evolved to what it is over the last 25 years. From Hotmail to Windows Live and ultimately Outlook, this service can stand up to the best of them. It has a clean, intuitive interface for easy navigation and focusing on what's important. Just clicking on an email gives you additional options, including moving and deleting emails or searching through messages from that particular sender.

You can also take advantage of mail rules with Outlook. This handy feature allows you to move new messages to a specific folder automatically. If you wish, you have the option to categorize, flag, or forward your emails if specific conditions are fulfilled. Outlook also features direct integration with Skype and support for add-ons like DocuSign and PayPal.

Gmail: Great Integration

Google's free service is just as intuitive as Outlook. The most significant difference is its integration with other Google services and a slightly better spam filter. Gmail has other valuable features, like snoozing emails, scheduled sending, and offline access. You can also send messages that expire after a set period, share files stored on your Drive, set up automated responses, and much more. Many users also love the unique undo feature.

The interface supports different themes, so you can customize it as you like. You get tons of advanced options, labels, filters, and you can even import data from other email services. Gmail also supports add-ons that extend its functionality even further, along with a pretty decent chat client.

ProtonMail: Uncompromising Privacy

The key difference between ProtonMail and the other providers is its focus on encryption. In other words, you can send and receive emails without worrying about people from Proton (or anyone else) being able to read them. Link Confirmation is another excellent privacy feature, protecting users from phishing attacks. Hovering over a link in your email shows a pop-up so you can confirm where it goes before clicking on it.

Every email sent to other ProtonMail accounts is always encrypted. If you're communicating with someone who uses a different provider, you can encrypt your email, use a password, and even set an expiration date if you wish. The recipient opens your email through a link that asks for the password before they can access it. They can also reply via an encrypted channel even though they don't have a ProtonMail account.

Yahoo Mail: Marketer’s Dream

Yahoo has always been a go-to choice of online marketers for a simple reason - it's the provider that offers the most options when it comes to aliases and alternate identities. You can create countless disposable email addresses without ever revealing the real one. Combine this functionality with Yahoo proxies, and you've got a robust and efficient marketing system. They're also great for anonymous data scraping from other Yahoo services like News and Finance.

Even if you're not a marketing guru, you can use these aliases to sign up for accounts and services online while avoiding spam. You can also import your contacts from other accounts or social media, use files from Dropbox, and even connect external accounts to get all your emails in a single inbox. Finally, each user gets a whole terabyte of storage, so it's a fantastic choice for those who need to store and share a lot of content.

Final Thoughts

As we've seen, each provider offers a specific set of features and functionality, so it's up to you to decide what matters most before you decide to stick with one. Due to growing privacy concerns, ProtonMail's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. However, you can easily get the same security features for other providers with proxies. Click here for more information on what proxies can do for Yahoo or any other email service.


Vytautas Nemunaitis is a senior SEO manager at Market Rats. His 6+years of experience enables him to provide information about SEO solutions to website owners.

February 4, 2022


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