AzureHunter - a Cloud Forensics Powershell module to run threat hunting playbooks on data from Azure and O365

February 8, 2022


Getting Started

1. Check that you have the right O365 Permissions

The following roles are required in Exchange Online, in order to be able to have read only access to the UnifiedAuditLog: View-Only Audit Logs or Audit Logs.

These roles are assigned by default to the Compliance Management role group in Exchange Admin Center.

NOTE: if you are a security analyst, incident responder or threat hunter and your organization is NOT giving you read-only access to these audit logs, you need to seriously question what their detection and response strategy is!

More information:

NOTE: your admin can verify these requirements by running Get-ManagementRoleEntry "*\Search-UnifiedAuditLog" in your Azure tenancy cloud shell or local powershell instance connected to Azure.

2. Ensure ExchangeOnlineManagement v2 PowerShell Module is installed

Please make sure you have ExchangeOnlineManagement (EXOv2) installed. You can find instructions on the web or go directly to my little KB on how to do it at the soc analyst scrolls

3. Either Clone the Repo or Install AzureHunter from the PSGallery

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2 years ago

very cool.
Question: if you’re using Sentinel and it’s threat hunting features would you say that’s a better alternative to this?
I appreciate that if all you’re give are the logs and powershell then this is a cool way to do it.

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