Automate Mobile App Security Testing: Why is it Necessary for Banks to Adopt it? by Zehra Ali

January 21, 2019

Security testing is a vital yet challenging task for organizations, especially financial institutions such as banks, that deal with the sensitive data of numerous individuals. That’s why they are at a higher risk of data breach and cybersecurity attack.

However, with the induction of modern banking methods, such as mobile banking, the threats are much increased because mobile applications from unknown sources and the public Wi-Fi connection make mobiles highly insecure.  

But, using mobile application enables simplified and faster banking, therefore resisting the technology could leave you far behind your competitors. So, what’s the solution?

Nothing could provide a complete guarantee against increasing cyber threats, but the recently introduced automate mobile app security testing could help you keep up the development pace along with adequate security.

What is Automate Mobile App Security Testing?

Mobile application security testing helps to assure that there isn’t any security lack in the software, which poses a privacy risk and can, cause data loss.

The automate mobile app security testing kickoff numerous attacks to an app to identify the probable security threats, compliance gaps,....

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4 years ago


This article on mobile apps security testing is a great read, thanks for putting it together. In fact, I find your thoughts on marketing pace very interesting.

I’m happy I found another amazing cyber security blogger.

More grease to your elbow… :)

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