Article: How to protect your personal information on Social networks

Apr 8, 2014


by Giovanni Cerrato
Lead: In this article you can see some techniques to secure your data in social media. In particular we will analyze the tools provided by Facebook to protect your account and the data contained.

What you will learn...
Some practices to protect your personal information
What is otp (one time password) and how you can use it with Facebook
What is “multifactor authentication” and how you can use it with Facebook

What you should know...
Use of Facebook


Social media has a strong influence on daily life. Although it has considerably facilitated the exchange of information and communication, it has created some issues such as privacy and security of personal information. Many social media users don’t understand that social media can expose personal information if the user doesn’t take the right precautions. The stolen data can be used for various purposes including simple commercial use, criminal purposes and identity theft. It is also important to consider that now most companies manage their public image and advertisements using social networks. In this case an identity theft would damage a company's reputation and result in significant financial losses.
In this article we are going to show some techniques to limit and protect data access in social media. We will focus on the most prominent social media Facebook. Many people don’t know that Facebook provides some very useful tools to protect our data. In fact some provided solutions are also used in....

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