Arbitrium: cross-platform, fully undetectable remote access trojan, to control Android, Windows and Linux

October 15, 2021


This tool was made for educational purposes only. I urge anyone who would use this tool to only use it on targets he/she is authorized to access as a remote control tool. I hold no responsibility if one used it for any unlawful activity.


Arbitrium is a cross-platform remote access trojan (RAT), Fully UnDetectable (FUD), It allows you to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn't require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding. It gives access to the local networks, you can use the targets as a HTTP proxy and access Router, discover local IPs and scan their ports. Includes modules like Mimikatz, new modules can easily be added. In addition, if Arbitrium is used with a DNS spoofing software is can spread autonomously between devices (#AutoSpread). Arbitrium is a multiple parts project, the parts were built using Java, JS, C, Python, Cordova and VueJS.

ℹ️ default login: admin/passwd



More at:


  • FUD

The client uses simple tools which makes it completely undetectable, the trojan based on netcat mainly pipe TCP paquets to run the server's commands.

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3 years ago

Fully undetectable? Almost all AV could already detect this RAT LOL

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