April 6, 2023


The digital era has made the world seem compact. Things that used to take an entire day are now completed in a matter of seconds. However, the internet also created opportunities for digital data information exploitation.

One example is cybercrime, since we know some of the applications, like Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat, we install on our PCs or smartphones are not secure. They are particularly vulnerable to data breaches and cybercrimes. We occasionally learn of cyber-attacks on different programs such as Microsoft Exchange Server attack and Colonial ransomware attack that happened in 2021.

The application security testing fixes any dangerous behavior it finds and alerts the user whenever it does. The method of protecting application from cyber-attacks is known as application security. [1]

What is Application Security Testing?

Application security testing is the act of assessing an application's security posture to find gaps or flaws that an attacker could take advantage of. It entails a set of tests and evaluations intended to find security holes in an application, such as desktop software, mobile applications, or web applications. [2]

Testing for application security can be done manually, automatically, or by combining both methods. A human tester aggressively explores the application during manual testing to find any potential flaws or vulnerabilities. 

Utilizing tools and scripts to automatically test and scan the program for security flaws is known as automated testing.

There are several different types of application security testing, including:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): This....

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