Android for Facebook app launches Code Generator


Today (June 8th) Facebook has introduced three security updates for protecting Android mobile users. First up is the Code Generator which allows the user to report unwanted content on their Android mobile device. The Code Generator should they hope, make it easier to confirm logins made on new mobile devices, where users will be able to receive Login Approval codes through their Facebook application and via SMS.This will work with both mobile networks and/or Internet access. So how do you set up Code Generator? You will need check “Enable Login Approvals Once”. To do this, make sure you go to Login Approvals* - this can be found in ‘Security settings’. Then you will need to click Set up Code Generator, and click the Next button in the window that pops up. This is very easy to set up, so you shouldn’t experience any issues. For further information about Code Generator. Read more...

June 8, 2012
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isteharul islam shakil
isteharul islam shakil
8 years ago

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