"From a curious kid to geek. Geek to Hacker. But ethics do really matter." - interview with Akhil Reni, Co-Founder at We Secure App


Hi folks! We have another great interview for you! This time Akhil Reni, Co-Founder at We Secure App presented his company and told us about many challenges he faced.  What's more we learn why he decided to become a hacker  and what's so great about!  [Hakin9 Magazine]: Hello, Akhil! How are you doing? Can you tell our readers something about yourself? [Akhil Reni]: Hello, Hakin9, I'm doing great, thanks. Hello readers, this is Akhil Reni, Co-founder and CTO at WESECUREAPP, a cyber security company. I am a security researcher, I love contributing to companies for the improvement of their security posture. While most of my research is done at night, my day time is committed to provide unparalleled solutions to our clients. I enjoy breaking into things as much as a kid enjoys playing a video game, of course for the betterment of an organization's security and contributing to the....

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Sairaj Mahesh
8 years ago

Awesome Akhil

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