Aaia - AWS Identity and Access Management Visualizer and Anomaly Finder


What does Aaia do? Aaia (pronounced as shown here) helps in visualizing AWS IAM and organizations in a graph format with help of Neo4j. This helps in identifying the outliers easily. Since it is based on neo4j , one can query the graph using cypher queries to find the anomalies. Aaia also supports modules to programatically fetch data from neo4j database and process it in a custom fashion. This is mostly useful if any complex comparision or logic has to be applied which otherwise would not be easy through cypher queries. Aaia was initially intended to be a tool to enumerate privelege esclation possibilities and find loop holes in AWS IAM. It was inspired from the quote by @JohnLaTwC "Defenders think in lists. Attackers think in graphs. As long as this is true, attackers win." Why the name "Aaia"? Aaia in Tamil means grandma. In general, Aaia knows everything about....

January 23, 2020


Hakin9 TEAM
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