A review of some encryption methodologies and an introduction to a new methodology that may challenge the National Security Agency. 


Encrypting information is not new; it's as old as the Roman Empire and even further back than that. Today the National Security Agency tries to decrypt information from our enemies and even in some cases our allies. There are numerous schemas for encryption. The oldest was just the substitution matrix. One letter was substituted for another. The most popular schema today for commercial encryption is private key public key encryption using the RSA Algorithm. Another popular methodology is using the elliptic curve cryptography.  Before we discuss a new methodology of cryptography to seriously challenge the NSA, let's  talk about Elliptic Cryptography and RSA. Elliptic Key and RSA: Elliptic key encryption utilizes the algebra of elliptic curves as an encryption methodology. Its keys can be shorter and is considered more efficient than RSA using less CPU time to decrypt.  RSA is the most widely used methodology for commercial transactions (I almost....

March 3, 2023
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