5 Ways To Make Your Home Wi-Fi More Secure by Ellie Martin


It doesn’t take an episode of British tech-horror hit TV series “Black Mirror” to understand the most frightening ramifications of our technology-dependent society. Like unrelenting vines, technology has slowly crept in and taken over every aspect of our lifestyle—our financial, social, and professional lives are all contingent on the successful security and preservation of our digital records. But with that dependence comes the potential for disaster. A vengeful cybercriminal with your personal information can wreak havoc on you for the rest of your life, in the form of theft, blackmail, extortion, or pure chaos. Everyone is vulnerable—just recently, Yahoo announced the theft of over 1 billion users’ info. And authorities still don’t know who perpetrated the day-long takedown of Twitter and other social media sites this Fall. It’s hopeless, especially in 2017, to think one will ever have full, cybercriminal-proof cybersecurity. But even for the technically uninitiated, there are ways....

June 9, 2017
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