4 Reasons Why We Need Cybersecurity Innovation


Every day we see news of another cyber breach. Our faith has been shaken as large corporations fall to a few malicious actors. Hackers are ramping up their attempts to disrupt, corrupt, and steal from organizations, businesses, and individuals. We rely on information disseminated through the web for everything. Having our digital lives hijacked can result in personal catastrophe. The effects of increasingly sophisticated hacks don’t end there, either. Cyber breaches have a far wider effect than anyone had ever anticipated. Here are 4 reasons cybersecurity needs innovation: 80% of U.S. companies report having been a victim of hacking It’s no surprise that major corporations like Target, Yahoo, and Equifax are targeted by malicious hackers. They have vast pools of data points hacking rings can exploit for personal benefit. Over 145 million people were affected by Equifax’s breach alone. Sensitive information like names, addresses, and social security numbers could be....

January 8, 2019
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