2FA Bypass With PowerShell [FREE COURSE CONTENT]


In this video from our PowerShell for Hackers course your instructor, Atul Tiwari, shows how to perform a 2FA bypass with PowerShell. 2FA is used, among others, in Outlook and Office 365, so this technique might come in handy during your pentests. Dive in! 

Welcome to PowerShell for Hackers! PowerShell is the most advanced and powerful framework inside Windows systems, that gives every user power and ease of use. Once it comes into the security picture, it shows the power of hacking system controls. Because PowerShell provides full access to WMI and COM, it enables us to take full control of the system, using commands in a hacking movie style. This course allows to leverage the power of PowerShell as a Hacker, and take over the systems, networks, and web servers.

PowerShell is helpful for: security researchers, ethical hackers, penetration testers, system administrators and for those who want to take complete control of the Windows systems, either in the red or blue team.

*Get ready to get hacking in the terminal*

What skills will you gain?

  • Commands and the ways to use it
  • Various attacks with PowerShell
  • Creating PowerShell scripts for attacks
  • Hacking web servers with PowerShell scripts
  • 2FA Bypass with PowerShell
  • Porting the exploits to Metasploit for attacks
  • Exfiltration
  • Controlling remote systems
  • Creating backdoors
  • Creating webshells
  • Persistent attacks
  • PowerShell obfuscation
  • Privilege escalation using PowerShell, and much more.

Your instructor:

Atul Tiwari has over 10 years in security training. He has trained more than 45k students across 162 countries in online mode. Atul has specialized in web security testing and has conducted hundreds of pentests, audits, and tests of web applications since 2013. He holds CISSP certifications with CEH, cyber laws, CCNA.

He is founder and CTO at gray hat | security (INDIA) www.grayhat.in

Atul has instructed several courses with us - you can find them all here.

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April 26, 2022
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