16 Blockchain Disruptions by BitFortune

Nov 2, 2018

Here’s How Blockchain and Business Go Hand-in-Hand. Blockchain is taking over the world, one bitcoin at a time. However, blockchain is involved in much more than just cryptocurrency and is actually playing an important role in the transformation of modern-day business.

Expected to be worth $1 trillion by the end of the year, blockchain technology provides deeper levels of security, anonymity, and transparency that your traditional database or transaction simply can’t provide. As a decentralized option, it’s proving to be incredibly popular.

To identify how businesses are incorporating the tech into their everyday practices, the folks at BitFortune have created an infographic that shares some examples of blockchain in use. From the real estate industry to even the government, businesses around the world are coming to rely on the technology. Some other examples include:

Online Music

While the internet made music more accessible for us all, it also increased piracy and illegal sharing. Blockchain won’t eliminate illegal sharing, but it can help the industry become more secure.

Many online music providers are using blockchain to help verify its transactions whilst also accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. PeerTracks is just one service leading the music industry through the world of blockchain as its secure database helps artists manage royalties and business revenues, paying out via cryptocurrency. It’s....

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