15 Biggest Companies Hackers Brought Down To Their Knees by Neha Singh

October 1, 2021

Risk Based Security reports that over 38 billion records have been exposed since 2010.

Those numbers sound overwhelming - and they are. According to recent estimates from the Census Bureau, there are approximately 327 million Americans. 116 accounts have been compromised each year for the past decade on average.

At least 40,650 data breaches have occurred since the beginning of 2010, reports Risk Based Security for CNBC Make It. The data breaches were many and small, but a few mega hacks will likely go down in history.

Based on the number of accounts affected in each data breach announced since 2010, the Identity Theft Resource Center presented CNBC Make It with the ranking. Only breaches confirmed to have affected a certain number of records were included in the ranking.

In the past year, many companies, such as 7-Eleven, WhatsApp, and Fortnite, disclosed security holes affecting millions of websites that appeared to have exposed customer information, but the extent of the breach was not disclosed.

In this article, we look at some of the most historic data breaches from this decade.

  1. Dubsmash

Total number of records compromised: 161.5 million

According to Dubsmash, hackers acquired the names,....

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Robert Brady
Robert Brady
2 years ago

Why is Coinbase not on this list? Are they getting a Free Pass?

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