12 Cyber Security Tools Every IT Pro Should Have by Brent Whitfield

Sep 21, 2017

When a security breach is suspected or revealed, the IT pro springs into action. Most experienced IT professionals will have already assembled a kit consisting of the basic tools of the trade and a few personal favorites. Whether you are a junior in the field or a seasoned network defender, this article runs through 12 cyber security tool that you should be familiar with and have access to.

As you know, diagnosis is the first step required and the first eight tools listed are diagnostic in nature. This is followed by three handy combination tools or suites combining two or more resources together in one place for quick and easy use. Last of all we stress the importance of having a 'go to' information source you can trust.

          1. Ping Utility

From Miami to Los Angeles, IT support professionals will be familiar with using this basic network connection test. Unless you are in the earliest stages of training to enter the field, be free to skip past this one (but check out 'Pathping' below if you have yet to come....

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