1-in-1 mentoring! Cyber 51!

March 12, 2012

What is Cyber 51?

Cyber 51 is an invitation-only membership forum where registered members get 1-on-1 mentoring in order to really learn Ethical Hacking and to secure modern IT networks and infrastructures. The Forum Admins inside Cyber 51 are some of the world's most senior Penetration Testers, IT Security Architects, Ethical Hackers and Programmers who regularly work on projects for the U.S. and UK governments and military as well as for fortune 500 financial institutions.

Inside Cyber 51 you will meet some of the world's best IT Security Consultants, Ethical Hackers, Programmers and Penetration Testers.

All Cyber 51 Forum Administrators are providing contractual services to some key clients in their day-to-day jobs. Those clients include: Government agencies, military, financial institutions, online gambling sites, police forces, intelligence agencies and many more of similar high calibre.

Every Forum Mentor has at least 5+ years of hands-on experiencewithin Cyber Security and amongst the Consultants most of the top industry and government certification levels are being held.

Benefits for approved Cyber 51 Ethical Hacker members

  • Learn to Defend your and other networks against attacks from Cyberspace

  • Learn Real Ethical Hacking

  • Get To Know IT Security Secrets only a few people know about

  • Helps members in preparing for Certifications (CEH, LTP, CISSP etc.)

  • Start or Enhance Your Penetration Testing Career

  • Knowledge means Job Security. IT Security is a booming industry even in challenging economic climate

  • 1-on-1 Forum Mentoring by some of the best Cyber Security Experts

  • Vendor independent, no intend to promote one product over another



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