Workgroup/Corporate and Advertisement Combos

You can join the benefits of subscribing your company to Hakin9 and of advertising your company in Hakin9 Magazine. All you have to do, is to purchase a combo subscription.
In the offer, two options are available:

  1. Workgroup Subscription Combo
  2. Corporate Subscription Combo

Corporate/Workgroup Combo is a great offer for companies, as it offers unlimited number of subscriptions (corporate)/20 subscriptions (workgroup), which can be used as attractive add-ons to your products, or as a kind of a gift and a knowledge source for your employees. Except of subscription offering, the Corporate/Workgroup Combos also include annual advertising plan.

The Combos include:

  1. Unlimited number of annual individual subscriptions (corporate)/20 indivitual subscriptions (workgroup) to be distributed in the way you like (providing the beneficient with about 50 pages of ethical hacking content each week).
  2. One year access to all our archival issues of Hakin9 for all the subscriptions within the pack.
  3. Advertising in PenTest, which includes:
    • Four full page ads in a month – 48 in a year (corporate) / two full page ads in a month – 12 in a year (workgroup), worth $500 each
    • Two posts in a newsletter in a month – 24 in a year (corporate) / one post in a newsletter in a month – 12 in a year (workgroup) – up to 250 words + hyperlinked logo, worth $400 each
    • Two e-mail blasts in a month – 24 in a year (corporate) / one e-mail blast in a month – 12 in a year (workgroup), worth $700 each

If you would like to purchase any of the packs or to negotiate the price, please, write at