Wombat’s Security Training Platform gives Security Officers the Educational Tools to Improve Employee Response to Cyber-Attack

Wombat Security Technologies

- Thanks to Lorraine Kauffman-Hall

Recently named as a finalist of the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 Award as well as a finalist for the Golden Bridge Business Award as a security awareness and training innovator, Wombat Security Technologies is today announcing the launch of its most powerful version of the Security Training Platform. The updated product suite addresses the market need for new methods of cyber security training that employ interactive software modules and games to engage users, coupled with employee assessments and simulated attacks to measure success – and ultimately deliver quantifiable results.

In a recent review of Wombat’s Security Training Platform, SC Magazine’s Peter Stephenson said “Staying current is a big benefit of the program. I tend to avoid security awareness sessions because keeping the class relevant and keeping the class awake is a huge challenge. The Wombat program solves both of those issues and adds the benefit of providing ways to validate outcomes and show progress.”

“I never have seen a more creative and effective approach to information security training.”

Wombat’s Security Training Platform enables security officers to:

  • Deploy mock cyber-attacks which create teachable moments and helps employees become receptive to more in-depth training
  • Create training assignments for everyone at once, or for groups of employees you define, such as people who fell for mock-attacks, new hires, functional departments, geographic regions, etc.
  • Select from a comprehensive set of training modules (each under 10 minutes) that teach practical advice to avoid numerous threats, including the most up-to-date attacks
  • Monitor employee completion of assignments and deliver automatic reminders about training deadlines
  • Identify the users, or groups of users, who have the best or worst understanding of critical risk areas
  • Show measurable knowledge improvement over time with easy-to-read reports for executive management
  • Train global employees in multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and French
  • Manage their security training program from one cloud-based system that is continually updated with new content about the latest cyber threats

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For more information visit http://www.wombatsecurity.com or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 704-882-0443 or lhall@attainmarketing.com.

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