Students hack Waze, send in army of traffic bots

Two Israeli students have successfully hacked popular social GPS map and traffic app Waze, causing it to report a nonexistent traffic jam. The attack, somewhat reminiscent of the wonderfully ridiculous Die Hard 4.0 plot, was carried out by Shir Yadid…

Hakin9 Mobile Cover

Hakin9 Mobile 1/11 (1)

Android Insecurities by Joey Peloquin The article will begin with a focus on what the author calls Offensive Mobile Forensics, an analysis technique that mimics the approach an attacker would take in the event they acquired a lost or stolen…

TOR Project

Hakin9 12/11: TOR Project

Latest News From IT Security World By Armando Romeo, eLearnSecurity and ID Theft Protect Duqu: The Precursor Stuxnet Attack By Rebecca Wynn Duqu is essentially the precursor to a future Stuxnet-like attack. The threat was written by the same authors,…