Hakin9 Starter Kit - Hacking Social Media

Hakin9 Starter Kit – Hacking Social Media

Dear Readers! As usual, our Hakin9 Starter Kit will provide you with plenty of knowledge! Thanks to our step-by-step tutorials and detailed studies you will gain plenty of valuable information and practical skills. Take a look at the table of…


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Hacking Data

Hacking Data 11/11

Latest News From IT Security World By Schuyler Dorsey, eLearnSecurity i ID Theft Protect As usual specialists from companies eLearn Security and ID Theft protect will share with us latest news from IT security world. Read it to up-date yourself….

Secure Coding

Mobile and Tablet Application Coding Security

READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE! There are practical techniques to securing app code – the first involves limiting privileges to a set of operations – this is known as sandboxing. The second technique involves identifying executables as they enter the trusted…

Secure Coding

Secure Coding 9/11

In Brief By Armando Romeo, eLearnSecurity and ID Theft Protect The Bug Story By Ali Hadi Despite the fact that our Networks gardens are full of beautiful/gorgeous things, at same time they’re full of bugs. The problem is that the…

Enterprise IT Security Magazine 1/2011

Enterprise IT Security Magazine 1/2011

Defining Best Practices for IT Security Within a Cloudy World by Chris Poulin Cloud Computing – Is it Worth the Move? by Gary S. Miliefsky Coud Computing and Its Security Benefits by Ajay Porus Cloud Security Advancement and Its Effects…


Review of Web Application Obfuscation

Review of Web Application Obfuscation By Aby Rao, MS, CISSP, Security+, ITIL-F, ISO/IEC 20000, Project+ Principal, Verve Security (   Obfuscation – the act or an instance of making something obscure, dark, or difficult to understand It’s quite uncommon…

Firestarter: Starter to your Firewall

The firewall is the first line of defense on the network perimeter and end points. Firewalls are the gatekeepers to facilitate the flow of necessary traffic to and from assets. The author in his article focuses on the best practices…