SISA – Security And Not Just Compliance

SISA is an information security specialist company having operations worldwide. SISA has its expertise in fields like PCI DSS & PA DSS Consulting and Training, Risk Management services, Risk Assessment Services, VAPT, Forensics Services etc. Over the years SISA has developed an envious client list which includes elite organizations from industries such as Telecom, BPO, Information Technology, Ecommerce, Service Providers etc.

As adverted in the tagline, SISA believes in giving its clients the security it deserves, often much beyond what is required for a mere compliance. SISA periodically organizes awareness programmes, workshops and webinars across the globe to create the awareness among the stakeholders to view the controls required for PCI DSS compliance from a security perspective than from a compliance perspective.

SISA has a dedicated product development division, which is acclaimed for developing SMART-RA, the world’s first PCI Risk Assessment tool in 2010. The tool, which is so far the only PCI Risk Assessment Tool, is currently used by more than 100 organizations across the globe to meet requirement 12.1.2 of PCI DSS standards.

SISA is recognized as one of the fastest growing firms in the sphere of information security with a distinctively unique team, which is a perfect blend of youth and experience. SISA has imbibed a healthy culture which offers its employees plenteous opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues, comprehend the challenges and grow as a professional.

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