Simple WiFi Hacking with Eee Pc

Simple WiFi Hacking with Eee Pc

In this article we’ll see a simple and efficient method to retrieve a WEP key from a wireless network. The interesting part is that we’ll obtain this key using an Eee Pc, the low cost netbook by Asus. After this article you will see that an Eee Pc with BackTrack is a must-have tool for any security specialist.
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  • How to hack a WiFi Network with WEP encryption in less than an hour.
  • Using the power of the Eee Pc and BackTrack as a Professional Penetration Test.


  • WiFi Network Infrastructure and WEP encryption. Hardware Architecture of Eee Pc.

We are going to try a WiFi WEP penetration test for educational purpose only and to demonstrate why not to use this old encryption mode in your WiFi networks. So let’s start creating the ultimate WiFi penetration tool. The Hardware In this test we used an Asus Eee Pc Pink 4G. It has a 4 GB Solid State Drive, 512 mb of RAM, and an Intel Celeron CPU running at 900 Mhz. The most important part of the hardware is the Wireless card, because not all of them are fully compatible with BackTrack and all the other tools that we will use. In this case the card is an Atheros AR5BXB63 and there is no conflict with BackTrack. That’s all. A simple hardware configuration for a very interesting test. The Software Forget all about Xandros and Windows. The Eee Pc Gives the best with BackTrack 3.0. For those who don’t know what we are talking about; BackTrack is a Linux distribution designed for security applications. In Backtrack there are many common security tools included out of the box. In a single ISO ISO image you will find all the best security tools from the linux world. It’s incredible how BackTrack runs on the Eee Pc, it seems like the Eee Pc was made for BackTrack.

Preparing the Installation

The Eee Pc does not come with an optical drive so the only way that we have to use BackTrack is from an USB Drive. This isn’t a problem because the BackTrack Crew has an ISO specifically created to run live from a USB pen. So the first thing to do is to download the USB Version from the list (approximately 784 mb). This is an ISO file that fits on an USB drive. But we need a bootable pen drive so let’s start by mounting the ISO in your system. In Linux you can try this command: mount -o loop -t iso9660 backtrack.iso /mnt/cd Now that the ISO is accessible it’s important to copy all files from the ISO to the pen drive (be sure to use a 2 gb pen drive or larger). After the file transfer the pen drive has all the needed files to run BackTrack but it’s still not bootable because the MBR of the pen drive has not been changed. So go into the pen drive, find the directory boot and execute the script Please be careful to execute this command from the pen drive and not from the ISO mounted in your system, otherwise you will modify the MBR of you system. After these two simple steps we are ready to use BackTrack on the Eee Pc. Power on the Eee Pc, press Esc during the boot and select the pen drive as the boot device. You will be automatically taken into BackTrack 3 without modifying anything on the Eee Pc.

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