Experts from Samsung and Intel Will Give the Keys for Testing on Mobile Devices at QA&TEST

The industry of mobile devices is constantly growing: during the first six months of
2012, more than 600 million of smartphones and tablets have been sold worldwide.
This increase is also reflected in the sector of testing and QA software, and that’s
why QA&TEST will have one track focused on testing on mobile devices.

Two Samsung delegates, Debarchan Dash y Shilpa Tippannavar, will tackle the
model based testing and the test automation on mobile devices, using as example the testing department of the Korean company. They will explain how the automated test generation is fundamental in their testing department and how the automation reduces drastically the time and cost of testing processes.

Vikram V. Ingleshwar will explain why testing a social application or game is different from other traditional software, and what are the best techniques for gaming development. In his presentation, the emphasis will be on the special needs of testing videogames for mobile devices, because of its characteristics: finding out if players can cheat, usability is more complex and may give problems when adapting the design, and having this kind of devices a limited hardware.

Lior Rosental, from Intel, will give the fourth presentation of this track, about the power consumption measurement techniques for wireless devices. One of the main challenges encountered during power consumption measurement for wireless device relates to the fact that in many low data traffic scenarios the delta between low and high power is huge. Lior Rosental will show a solution that takes advantage of low current accuracy while limiting effect on the tested device during high power consumption.

QA&TEST, organized by SQS and Innovalia Association, will celebrate its 11th edition in Bilbao on 17, 18 y 19 October and tickets are already available. During three days, attendees will enjoy 3 keynotes, 2 tutorials, 20 presentations and plenty networking events. You can find more information at

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