Obscuring the Truth

Veiled in a world of pseudo-randomized padded nulls lies the answer in plain sight, laughing at you mockingly. It’s really only a matter of connecting the dots… Or is it? Can the answer be shielded better by simply adding more dots to connect? Does this help or hinder, and whom? Encryption is a double-edged sword and it is caked in blood and rust.Super-encipherment has been historically used to doubly throw off attackers (cryptanalysts) from finding the answer speedily (or at all). Once you think you’ve unlocked something you have a brand new puzzle staring at you silently.

by Israel Torres

Insecure Acces Control [Teaser]Insecure Acces Control [Teaser] - Hakin9 Teasers 6/2011
Insecure Acces Control [Teaser]

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