Hakin9 Mobile 2/2012

Data Handling on iOS Devices


With over half a million apps in the App Store, Apple’s trademark slogan “There’s an app for that” is bordering on reality. We use these apps for online banking, social networking and e-mail without really knowing if they’re communicating and storing our personal data securely. With Apple controlling over 52% of the mobile market [1], iOS apps are becoming more closely scrutinised in a world where the security of our personal data is paramount. In the last year, MDSec’s consultants have performed an increasing number of security assessments of iOS applications and their supporting architecture where data security is paramount, specifically the retail/business banking sector.

by Dominic Chell

When developers API simplify user-mode rootkits developing

This is a series of articles about shell extensions that enhance high-level features of any operation system. However, such possibilities not only enrich platform but simplify developing trojans, exploits that leads to the new security holes. Mostly this kind of extensions are known as user-mode rootkits.

by Yury Chemerkin

Android Forensics

Smartphones are changing the IT and Communication landscape vastly. A Smartphone can do almost every good thing a computer can do. Today most of the corporate employee access and manage their official e-mails through the e-mail client installed on their Smartphone. Right from booking movie tickets to making fund transfers, all e-commerce and online banking transactions can be done using a Smartphone. With high speed of 3G, Smartphones are getting more popular specially among working professionals and students.

by Manish Chasta

Social Engineering

Ever walked into a shop planning on buying a product, but after talking to the salesman

leaving with a more expensive product that has more options than you needed?

Ever listened to a politician and thought during his or her speech: ‘that’s a pretty good

idea’, but the next day you realize what all the downsides are to his or her statement?

And ever kept buying that one person drinks because you thought it would get you somewhere, but suddenly the person in question left and you didn’t even get a phone


by Ruben Thijssen

A Bits’ Life

Have you ever wondered what makes all these devices around you alive? I might have to give you a bit of bad news – this is not a black magic of any kind, neither any supernatural powers, not even the Jedi Force; it is just a simple set of interesting ideas, well described with a language called science and technology.

by Tomasz Bolesław Cedro & Marcin Armand Kuzia

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Hakin9 Mobile 2/2012

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