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Android Insecurities
by Joey Peloquin

The article will begin with a focus on what the author calls Offensive Mobile Forensics, an analysis technique that mimics the approach an attacker would take in the event they acquired a lost or stolen device. Readers will notice some stark differences between iOS and Android analysis. Next, the author will discuss exploits on the Android system. Lastly, the article will wrap up with a discussion regarding mobile malware, which is far more pertinent due to the ongoing mobile malware epidemic facing Android mobile devices.

Phun with PhoneGap
by Mike Haworth

PhoneGap now (Apache Callback) allows web developers to use their current skills to build mobile apps, instead of having to learn Java for Android or Objective C for iPhone. The advantage to developers is they now have a means of bundling web apps and selling them in the AppStore or Android market. PhoneGap achieves this by providing framework on which a mobile application can be built from HTML and JavaScript.

Apple iOS security in the enterprise
by Oliver Karow

This article will describe the security mechanisms available on iOS with its strength and weaknesses, and show how a company can adopt this mechanisms to keep up with the latest security threats, targeting mobile devices.

The Hacker: A once innocent identity is now an identity in crisis
by Carla Hough

I touch on the early generations of computer scientists, engineers and software developers, who were and are a rich and diverse culture. This paper explores how this identity has been eroded by malicious individuals, cyber criminals, organized crime, and rogue nations.

Android security – ZITMO malware
by Prashant Verma

We have computers and we also have viruses, worms and malwares. We have Smartphone and we have malwares there too. Oh yes! You read it right. The shift of the hacker community’s attention towards Smartphone has been alarming. They are increasingly being attracted towards the mobile platforms and the transactions happening through the mobile platforms. Today phones are not just the phones; they are mini computers in your hand. Your Smartphone could do pretty much anything a computer can do.

Android Trojan Geinimi
by Dhawal Desai

This malware has been identified as another variant of the most popular Geinimi, which targeted a significant number of Android Phone users. The Trojan was originally used as a package namely “com.geinimi”, but over the period of time the variants took more advanced obfuscated form.


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