Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 – Forensics

Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 - Forensics

Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 - Forensics

Basic Forensics Analysis
by Marc-Andre Meloche
Digital Forensics is mostly like the movies, the main aspect is to gather evidence or digital footprints which will help you understand any digital crimes that might have occurred inside your organization. This is used in most cases related to computer crimes. New crime vectors are now implicating the use of computers mostly. It is important now to include computers as a main possible tool for suspects
Mobile Digital Forensics Cover Your ASSets (CYA)
by Rebecca Wynn
Contrary to what we wish, mobile digital forensics is made easy because we as individual like to think that no one is ease dropping, shoulder surfing, watching us type in our passwords, taking out our SIM card and copying it while we are with the boss/in the bathroom/heating up lunch, etc. This article goal is to help you see that it is your responsibility and yours alone to over Your ASSets. It is broken up into sections so the reader can easily review sections that are pertinent to him/her. I have only mentioned a few tools but have referenced the NIST publications that list dozens of tools and detailed information regarding their use. Use this article as your starting point.
To Get Round To The Heart Of Fortress
by Yury Chemerkin
Cybercrime is becoming a growing threat to society. The thefts of information, crashing a website or manipulating online payment traffic are also increasing. Many organizations offer various services in the battle against digital crime, such as network or data monitors and extractions tools. It is interesting mainly to authorities and financial institutions, but they are accessible to every organization.
Are We Ready For Digital Evidence?
By Rich Hoggan
Are we ready for digital evidence? It’s a question that we need to ask more often as crimes will inevitably include forensic evidence gathered from a computer or other digital device on a more consistent basis. Similarly, we still live in a world where we think the computer and what we do on it or any digital device for that matter is irrelevant to something like a criminal case. Yet that said, an example of such a case has come about the Casey Anthony murder trial that took place here in the states just recently. It’s not a case where cyber security is or was a concern, but where the computer’s average use such as searching the internet and uploading to social networking is seen as being malicious.
Forensic Improvisation
by Israel Torres
Forensic Improvisation is the concept to capture important intelligence using the available tools at hand and not necessarily the desired toolset. Think of it as guerrilla forensics without the idea of warfare. There is a myriad of ready to burn LiveCD/DVD/USB forensic toolsets that suit the job nicely but that would require training, planning and knowing you need them at a moment notice. Such ready to run toolsets come in all flavors from free to commercial and all handle various techniques to get all kinds of information from all kinds of places inside all kinds of machines and all kinds of operating systems (including virtual machines).
Ask The Social-Engineer: Neuro-Linguistic Hacking-The New Age of Social Engineering
by Christopher Hadnagy
Social engineering is nothing new. From some of the oldest stories recorded in mankind? history till today, social engineering has been used. The interesting part about social engineering is that the methods used have not changed much. Sure there is new technology and a deeper understanding of humans and psychology, but the underlining principles of social engineering are the same as they were 6000 years ago.
Best Practices in InfoSec Forensics – Proactively Preparing For and Executing Network Forensic Analysis
by Gary S. Miliefsky
This article is meant to give you a quick overview of the best practices for Information Security (INFOSEC) forensics. To get started, let? first define this subject and then dig into the tools used in this field of computer and criminal justice sciences.

Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 - ForensicsHakin9 Extra 3/2011 - Forensics - Hakin9 Teasers
Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 - Forensics

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