All About Hacking Databases

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Dear Readers,
This month we have created an issue about Oracle and Id theft. That’s not all, this issue also features an article from Malwarebytes’ researcher Adam Kujawa and many others.

What’s in the issue?


Oracle’s Achilles’ Heel – Attack, Defense and Forensic Response in A Distributed Database Estate
By Paul Wright
This article will highlight one of the main security weaknesses in Oracle Databases, it will then demonstrate a solution to this weakness and finally show how native auditing can be used to forensically identify the presence of this attack in a large distributed estate using a centralized syslog audit trail .

Security in an Oracle Database
By Andreas Chatziantoniou
This article shows how the various security features of the Oracle database work and how you should deal with your data in a secure way. Chatziantoniou discusses how to secure data at rest and how to prevent SQL injections.


R.I.F.E.C.: Digital Security and Risk Analysis – Side channel attack with brain leading to data and ID Theft
By Massimiliano Sembiante
Recent development of computer science integrated with neural engineering, allow detecting and decoding of brain activities via sophisticated interfaces devices. This may expose users to serious threats. This article will provide a review of the latest researches, will summarize the techniques used to interface brain with computer and will analyze potential risk exposures.

Identity Information Theft and Web Applications
By Douglas Berdeaux
This article will discuss the importance of securing web applications and identity information. It will show how the smallest vulnerability in a web application can lead to the largest identity information breach. The author will also give security tips for database administration of CMS users and will show several web attack methods of hackers who target your data.

The Hidden Facts About Online ID Theft
By Delyan Boychev
The author will describe how you can lose your Online ID, and what are the possible risks and consequences of that happening. The author also proposes ways of protecting yourself from such risk.

Identity Theft: Stay Alert, Be Suspicious
By Ran Levi
This article written by Ran Levi will discuss all issues regarding ID theft. The author will present to you the vulnerabilities and threats connected to ID theft and will also show you how to prevent and deal with situations where your identity is at risk.


How to secure your company’s network with the Juniper Netscreen NS Series Security Appliance – Part 1
By Chris Weber
This month the focus is on a comparable unit from another top tier vendor that is also a great purchase in the enterprise resale market and still provides solid, fast efficient enterprise class stateful inspection at the perimeter with some advanced application layer features. The Juniper Netscreen.


Reading Between the Lines – How to quickly obtain what you are looking for when reverse engineering assembly code
By Adam Kujawa
The article will discuss the tips and tricks on how to get what you want from assembly code. Kujawa’s article shows you how to make sure you are looking at real code and not garbage , how to leave breadcrumbs in the code by making comments and lastly how to make your map complete by forcing the code to work for you

ID FRAUD EXPERT SAYS: How to Protect Your Identity in the UK from Fraud
By Julian Evans
Information is being collected about us every second of every day without us ever realizing what happens to it. Most of us don’t really care what happens to our personal data as long as it isn’t misused. Julian Evans gets up close and personal by taking a brief glance at how you can protect your personal data if you are a UK citizen.

NoSQL Database Security with Cassandra
By David Lister
This article will discuss what you should know about Cassandra and other NoSQL Databases. Since the various applications which can use Cassandra are outside of the scope of this article, the author will take a look at the exploitation of the database.

Code & Platform Level SQL Injections Defenses
By Ahmad Zaidi Said
SQL injection is neither a secret technique nor a recent one. For years, thousands of sites have been compromised because of this attack.

Secure Thy Databases
By Sandeep Nain
In today’s world, databases are the backbone of IT enabled enterprises. Due to the importance of data stored, it has been recognized as a business need to protect theses databases from adversaries.


Web Server Security Essentials
By Zahir Hussain Shah
We all have been hearing the news about websites being hacked. These sites usually belong to small and medium size organizations, and multi-national companies…

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