[accordion_pane accordion_title="1. Can I download the archive as a subscriber?"] Yes, our subscribers have access to all the incoming issues (for 12months) and the whole archive.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="2. What's an IT PACK?"] IT PACK is a unique subscription mode which enables you to subscribe at a cheaper price compared to other magazines published by our Publishing House.

IT PACK subscription is cheaper than buying the subscriptions separately. For example, Hakin9 costs $300 and PenTest costs $300.

When you buy these subscriptions separately, the price sums up to $600. With an IT PACK, the cost of 2 magazines is $400, so you save $200. All the IT PACK subscriptions can be found here: https://hakin9.org/it-sec-master-pack/
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="3. Can I upgrade my account to IT PACK?"] Yes, you can. You should cancel your existing subscription and purchase the IT PACK subscription. You are allowed to use the same username. Later on, write to us at en@hakin9.org and our Team will activate your IT PACK subscription.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="4. I bought an IT PACK and I cannot login to other magazines. What's wrong?"] After purchasing the IT PACK, remember to write to us at en@hakin9.org. In your email, please send us your free account username and the magazines you want to have in your IT PACK. Our team will activate your subscriptions manually.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="5. I cancelled automatic payment on PayPal and I cannot download any issues. What's wrong?"] After cancelling automatic renewal on your PayPal account, it may happen that your account will stop working properly. To make it work once again, our team has to reactivate it for you. Write to us at en@hakin9.org and our Team will help you out.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="6. I want to renew my subscription but automatic PayPal payment does not work. What's wrong?"] It may happen that due to the new PayPal policy, your money cannot be transferred to us. If you wish to prolong your subscription and you have encountered such a problem – write to us! We will send a you special Payment Request to help you renew your favourite magazine subscription. Write to us at en@hakin9.org and our Team will guide you in the process!
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="7. Will I be notified when the issue comes out?"] Yes! Each time the issue is released, you will be notified about it in a special newsletter!
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="8. I bought a pre-order issue but I cannot download it. What's wrong?"] Pre-order option is a special purchase of the issues which are going to be published. In a pre-order offer, you can buy single issues cheaper.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="9. My account is not active. My account doesn't work. What can I do now?"] Just write to us at en@hakin9.org! We will investigate it quickly and enable you to download your favorite magazine!
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="10. I want to buy a subscription but I do not want to pay with Paypal. What should I do?"] You can also pay by wire transfer. If you wish do to so, contact us directly.
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="11. I want to see the magazine before I decide to buy the subscription. What should I do?"] Before you subscribe, remember that as a free user, you can always download each teaser and Hakin9 Open (free line of Hakin9).
[/accordion_pane] [accordion_pane accordion_title="12. Is the magazine printed?"] Our magazine is published in 2 digital formats: .pdf and .epub, so you can take your favorite issues everywhere you want! Also, we’re an ecologically friendly Company so we have decided to save our Planet and change our magazine from paper version to the digital one

If you would like to know more, write to us at en@hakin9.org.