Professional Penetration Testing v2 and Hera Lab released by eLearnSecurity

eLearnSecurity, leader in affordable online security training, has just announced the availability of the new version 2 of its main training course: Penetration testing Professional.
With over 2,000 professionals trained in 2011, eLearnSecurity has pushed its main course towards more advanced Metasploit usage and more hands on training with new virtual labs.

eLearnSecurity Penetration testing training

eLearnSecurity Penetration testing training

Main features in version 2:

  • 9 hours of total video training material
  • 2400+ interactive slides
  • Up to date to Backtrack 5 and Metasploit 4.2/4.3
  • New client side and remote exploitation techniques
  • New Post Exploitation Methodology and exclusive new module
  • New Information Gathering module
  • Major improvements in Exploit development modules
  • ECPPT silver 100% practical exam voucher included
  • 100% hands on including Hera Lab

As of today this is the most comprehensive and up to date self-paced course available on the subject.

Here you can get a demo of the new Penetration testing training course

Contextually to this new version of the training course, that comes with a complete revision of all the contents,
new Virtual Labs called Hera Lab are announced and promise to introduce drastic innovation to the field.

Hera Penetration Testing Virtual Lab
eLearnSecurity’s Hera Lab provides the student with exclusive, non-shared, access to many different networks in VPN.
Each lab scenario has completely different targets inserted in routed networks to mimic real world scenarios met by Penetration testers during their job.
Students can access Hera lab in two different models:

  • Flat model: provides unlimited access to the lab for a limited amount of time: 30, 60 or 90 days. Lab time can be activated within 90 days from the purchase.
  • On-demand model: enables the student to acquire hours of lab time and to use them at any time in the future without activation or expiration hassles.

New labs are added on the platform every month and every student with lab time left in the account can access them free of charge.

Discover Hera Penetration testing virtual lab

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