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Hakin9 Starter Kit - Hacking Social Media

Hakin9 Starter Kit – Hacking Social Media

Dear Readers! As usual, our Hakin9 Starter Kit will provide you with plenty of knowledge! Thanks to our step-by-step tutorials and detailed studies you will gain plenty of valuable information and practical skills. Take a look at the table of…



Dear Readers, Did you know that our blog has just kicked off? Visit our blog to find detailed info about us, who we are, what we do, our recommendations and extra gifts!             http://blog.hakin9.org/


YouTube Tutorial Challenge kicks off!

Dear Readers and Fans! We would like to encourage you to take part in our YouTube challenge! The rules are as follows: 1. Make your own tutorial on Backtrack/Kali Linux. 2. Your tutorial should answer the question and be entitled:…



Dear Hakin9 Readers, We have decide to prepare this package, as we know how many of you would like to know the Wireshark inside-out. In the package you will find the following publications: WIRESHARK COMPENDIUM SHARKS ON THE WIRE SHARKS…

Metasploit Tutorials - Hacking Exploiting Software Compedium

METASPLOIT Contest is over – meet the winners!

Dear all, Because of the good mood we are in after the publication of Metasploit Compendium, we prepared a special contest for you. The prizes are: 3 x individual subscription 2 x full-page advertisements in our magazines 5 x packs…

New Policy

Dear Readers, as you know, it has been difficult time for us since we’ve published the famous “D-word” article. We spent many hours on talking about the problem. We have changed a lot and we would like you to notice…